Gym climbing

L’escalade est un sport, activité, philosophie qui attire de plus en plus des adeptes et c’est tant mieux. Pour vous qui débutez dans cette magnifique aventure nous avons créé cet article afin de vous aider à trouver une salle d’escalade, à choisir votre matériel et  à connaitre les technique de base nécessaire pour la pratique d’escalade en salle.

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Multi-pitch climbing project

The memories of your outdoor climbing feats begin to recede into the past and looking for a way to keep intact your enthusiasm for climbing during the approaching winter? Nothing better in this case than to start preparing a great way climbing project for next spring

The climbing gear

For a complete list of equipment needed we start from the list given by Petzl in the article “Tips and techniques for multi-pitch climbing on their site. rawing inspiration from this list we have created a lwish ist on Amazon with all the climbing gear  you need to do well  your multi pitch climbing project :

Abonnez-vous au tableau Mammut Multi-pitch climbing de ekaravandotcom sur Pinterest.


The training

To keep fit and well prepared for the future achievement, we must also think of training and practice of climbing during the winter. These days many are the climbing gyms in cities. If you are looking for one close to you, we recommend that you use the online map provided by the site

Now that you found the ckimbing gym nearest to you  what you lack is  climbing partner or partners. Unlike other sports for which  it’s always good to have colleagues to motivate each other, in climbing having a partner (belayer) to ensure you while you are climbing  is indispensable.

A simple solution to find people who share your passion for climbing around you is to use the Meetup website. This site allows you to find and join groups of climbers around you. For example in Ile de France you can join the Climber & Belayer #Escalade #Climbing @issylesmoul group or Paris Climbing – Climbing Meetup to participate to weekly climbing meetings.

Climbing weekend, Cheile Turzii, Romania


  1. 18299132085_36f3c28de8_oClimb the extraordinary climbing site Cheile Turzii, Transylvania, Romania
  2. From Friday to Monday (4 days / 3 nights)
  3. Photo Gallery, Information & Contact


Turda Gorges (Cheile Turzii) exceptional climbing site

Located in the heart of Transylvania, the northwest region of Romania, the natural reservation Cheile Turzii is one of the most important climbing areas in Romania.The gorges are cross from northwest to southeast by the river “Hasdate” and so the left side is exposed south while the right side is facing north.

The site has over 250 climbing routes divided between the two sides. The routes of the left side (facing south) are ideal for climbing early morning hours while the right side routes (facing north) are to be promote for climbing in the afternoon.

The level of difficulty of the routes ranges from 4 to 9 but the majority of the routes  have a difficulty level between 5 and 8.

Cheile Turzii, Niveaux Voies


The bigger part of the routes have an average length of 20 meters, but there are also longer routes up to 50m. In short, with a rope of 70 m you can climb on most of the routes of  the site.

Cheile Turzii, Longueur Voies

The site also includes hundreds of great routes ranging from 1 pitch (1 relay) to 11 lengths of rope (10 relays).

Cheile Turzii, Grandes Voies

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Itinerary and schedule

Before departure:

  1. Here is the list of things to take with you for the trip:
    your climbing shoes
    oney for meals

Day 1 (Friday):

Arrived at Cluj-Napoca airport, a private driver is waiting for you to bring you to the hotel “Pensiunea Laura” near to the climbing site. Enjoy the evening to take a walk around, have a drink / dinner in the bar / restaurant, relax at the hotel’s spa.

Day 2 (Saturday):

After breakfast the climbing instructors will pick you up at the hotel for the morning climb. Indulge yourself on the routes of the southern face under the morning sunlight. At lunch time back to the hotel restaurant or go to the other side of the gorge to reach the restaurants that offer excellent local dishes. After lunch return to the climbing site to climb out of the sun on the routes facing north. In the evening, return to the hotel for dinner and a well deserved rest.

Day 3 (Sunday):

Similar to the day before, enjoy this new day to discover new routes among more than 250 routes  of the site.

Day 4 (Monday):

After breakfast the driver picks you up to take you to the airport in time for your return flight.

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Photo Gallery, Information and Contact

This trip was designed for you by Serban.  For more information about the beautiful climbing site Cheile Turzii we recommend the website of Munteanu Adrian Zone de escalada sportiva si alpinism din Transilvania. Although the site is in Romanian the  site topo and climbing routes lists are universally understandable

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