Multi-pitch climbing project

The memories of your outdoor climbing feats begin to recede into the past and looking for a way to keep intact your enthusiasm for climbing during the approaching winter? Nothing better in this case than to start preparing a great way climbing project for next spring

The climbing gear

For a complete list of equipment needed we start from the list given by Petzl in the article “Tips and techniques for multi-pitch climbing on their site. rawing inspiration from this list we have created a lwish ist on Amazon with all the climbing gear  you need to do well  your multi pitch climbing project :

Abonnez-vous au tableau Mammut Multi-pitch climbing de ekaravandotcom sur Pinterest.


The training

To keep fit and well prepared for the future achievement, we must also think of training and practice of climbing during the winter. These days many are the climbing gyms in cities. If you are looking for one close to you, we recommend that you use the online map provided by the site

Now that you found the ckimbing gym nearest to you  what you lack is  climbing partner or partners. Unlike other sports for which  it’s always good to have colleagues to motivate each other, in climbing having a partner (belayer) to ensure you while you are climbing  is indispensable.

A simple solution to find people who share your passion for climbing around you is to use the Meetup website. This site allows you to find and join groups of climbers around you. For example in Ile de France you can join the Climber & Belayer #Escalade #Climbing @issylesmoul group or Paris Climbing – Climbing Meetup to participate to weekly climbing meetings.

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